Believe in all of your inspired changes. Each positive choice you make is like a pure droplet creating ripples in the water of life. Choose to keep making the drop, feeding your momentum. Ripple on!

Megan Forbes, dietician, expert, sport nutrition, disease support, nutrition improvements, diet
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Reset your body by learning what is best for YOU. Each individual is just that, unique. There is no cookie-cutter answer. We all need to learn what is the best course of action to achieve optimal health.


There are numerous paths you can take for your health. But which one? And which one can you live with? It’s not a big experiment, there is guidance and an educated path to take.


We encounter over a million attacks on our bodies daily. When talking with Megan about keeping our bodies well-fueled you will be helping your body thrive under these circumstances as it will become more resilient and able to combat stress of any kind.

Megan's specialty

Functional Nutrition is the advanced practice of personalized nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring with the goal of promoting optimal health and preventing diet and lifestyle related disease.

Exceptional guidance, unparalleled knowledge for adults, young adults and children.

Nutrition Services

One-on-one nutritional guidance
Food allergies
Nutrient intake analysis and training
Sports nutrition and recovery
Supplement knowledge
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Nutrition Counseling

Healthy Hearts
Weight management
Stomach and intestinal challenges
Child and adolescent focus
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