Functional Nutrition is the advanced practice of personalized nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring with the goal of promoting optimal health and preventing diet and lifestyle related disease.

  • Four-year degree in human nutrition and dietetics; some with a two-year master’s Degree in Nutrition
  • Certification by the American Dietetic Association: Passage of a national exam and continuing education requirements
  • Extensive background in physiology, biochemistry, and medical nutrition
  • Rapport with physicians, nurses, and pharmacists
  • Knowledge of food-drug interactions
  • Recipe and meal planning experience

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BIA is a commonly used method for estimating body composition, in particular body fat and muscle mass.  Many offices now have an In Body machine which is as simple as stepping on the scale.  It will not only tell us body composition but also an individual’s metabolic rate which is very helpful when understanding a person’s needs. BIA

  • F45, Flatiron Functional Medicine, and Lifetime Fitness gyms all have In Body machines, call ahead to schedule a time.

Everyone has a different genetic makeup which plays a role in how fast their metabolism goes. Different factors such as body mass, body composition, age, gender, and hormones can all have an effect on your metabolism rate. Other factors such as burns, fever, or illness can also alter your metabolism.

Underfeeding as well as overfeeding can cause your body to get out of balance and lead to other problems that are undesired. Knowing what your resting metabolic rate is a good way to live a healthier lifestyle and be able to give the body what it needs in terms of energy. Most people think they need more calories than they do and this machine will help clarify any misgivings.

Anyone who is looking for education and guidance on nutrition and their lifestyle. People with specific dietary concerns such as gastrointestinal issues, food intolerance’s, or weight management are perfect candidates for a nutritional and wellness counselor. If you are looking for ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, having some guidance can make all the difference in the world. Recreational to competitive athletes can always use some guidance in their nutrition, as sports nutrition plays a huge role in your performance. The bottom line is that anyone with nutritional, fitness and wellness thoughts, can and should see a nutrition and wellness counselor.

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