Impact Our Training

The Small Things We DO – How They Impact Our Training

You are what you eat? As we get into the cooler months for some of us, one thing that remains a constant is less daylight.  With this tends to come a bit less movement.  Not everyone is looking to lose weight, but winter can be a tough time to do so.  Not to mention, it is still 2020 right!  Let’s find some tools! The Pendulum Effect: Some foods are negative, some are positive, when you

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tips and trick for D3 athletes training, eating, resting

Tips and Tricks for D3 Athletes

There are a lot of demands on a working athlete, time gets sucked away, but we don’t want our nutrition to suffer.  Here are some simple tips to keep your diet healthy and stay on top of your eating patterns. Tips and Tricks for D3 Athletes Stay hydrated, carry a water bottle with you and use thermal ones in the summer, load them in your car on long days so you have water all the

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Off season training - eat well fuel your body build health

Off Season-The Key To Your Success

Heading into the off season (at least for most) can be a huge relief.  Taking off the pressure to do everything right and allowing yourself to indulge a bit can be very rewarding.  With all that said, the off-season can also be a great time to figure out your goals for the upcoming season.  Do you want to run faster, build lean body mass, or acquire a better swim technique?  Goals are great because they

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red bell pepper Megan Forbes

Happy Holidays, Happy Bodies

It’s a hard time of year to stick with your lifestyle, let alone change it. Want to make this holiday season a winner? Here are tips on how to have a healthy holiday season. > Be realistic. Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays, or start a new diet. Instead try to maintain your current weight. > Don’t skip meals. Before leaving for a party, eat a light snack like raw vegetables, or a piece of fruit to curb your appetite.

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Juicing Vegies

Daily Detox

Eat Clean, Live Clean How to avoid toxins to improve health We are what we eat. And we are what the animals we eat ate. Even the compounds absorbed by the plants we eat affect our body composition. Because of this, our diet and daily routine may expose us to dozens of harmful ingredients and chemicals — from additives in processed foods and substances in our shampoo. We get a million “hits” on our systems

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Clear skin diet strawberry

Sugar and Skin Health

Ever notice how certain times of year you notice your skin having more inflammation, acne, blemishes or wrinkles?  Do you ever stop to think it could be a direct correlation to what you are eating, your stress levels, or hydration?  Our skin is a reflection of our inner health, especially as it relates to our body ecology.  Skin is the largest organ in our body and our ecology is 10 times what our skin is. 

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This berry smoothie is a go-to for a pre- or post-workout meal or snack, depending on which ingredients you chose.

Recipe: Go-To Smoothie

This smoothie is a great option year-round, but is especially refreshing in the summer if you use frozen ingredients. It has a high water content, so will help hydrate you whether you enjoy it pre- or post-workout. Megan Forbes’ Go-To Smoothie INGREDIENTS: 25g grass fed whey or vegan protein powder 1 cup berries 1 cup milk alternative (unsweetened variety) 1 banana (if post-workout) OPTIONAL ADD ONS: 1-2 tablespoons chia seeds 1/4 to 1/2 avocado 1/2

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Yummm summer berries and fruit great for recovery and nutrition

Summer Training: Recover and Perform Better with Food and Drink

As temperatures rise, training strong and racing well requires the right fuel. Without the proper seasonal tweaks to your daily diet, the likelihood of “tanking” increases. Here I explain how and why to optimize your summer intake, including 8 tips especially geared towards those who want to enjoy their most fun, fittest summer yet. In the warm weather of summer, your sweat rate and heart rate increase, and your blood flow decreases. This is your

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Lemons as shown in Forbes Nutritional Consulting

Nutrient Timing

Nutrient timing seems to be the buzz word around town, so let’s take a look at what it’s all about. For starters, I’m sure most of you have heard about the importance of whole grains, eating smaller, more frequent meals, and keeping your sugar intake low. This is all true, but there is a time and place for sugar and maximizing your muscle recovery as well as sustaining a better performance during and after exercise.

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seaweed salad

Phytonutrients: Your Key to Optimal Health

Whether you are trying to shed winter weight or kick-start your training regimen, phytonutrients are essential in your health plan. I’m sure you’ve heard of them in various forms like carotenoids in carrots, lycopene in tomatoes, or isoflavones in soybeans. Not only are these nutrients packed with powerful antioxidants, but they have amazing disease fighting properties as well. There are still thousands of phytonutrients that have not even been studied or discovered to their full

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schezuan noodles with Forbes Nutritional Consulting

Ever Changing Seasons, Evolving Diet

As the fall starts to approach we look forward to the cooler nights and the crisp mornings as the aspen colors begin to change, but like all things, there are ups and downs to changing seasons. As the days get shorter so does our exposure to sunlight; and with that, a potential decrease in serotonin. We might notice an increase in our sleep. We also might notice our activity decrease slightly. As your activity changes,

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Yummy tasty macaroons

The Time is Now

As winter approaches ever so quickly, it’s a good time to remember that NOW is your time. Why wait until the New Year to make changes? Take a real look at your goals for the winter, assess where you are, and start building a plan to achieve those goals. In the realm of nutrition, planning ahead is key. So, as you begin to assess, think about some things. Have my workouts changed? Do I work

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