Race Day Nutrition

We have all heard that nutrition is the 4th discipline when it comes to triathlon.  The longer the distanced race, the more important it becomes. 

Since race season is upon us, let’s take a look at some reminders for race day.

  • Check what foods and sports nutrition are on course
  • What mile markers are the aid stations
    • This can help with bottle drops and replenishing
  • What is your estimated time to finish
    • Then work through how much nutrition your will need for each discipline, swim, bike, run
  • What is your plan for the 3-4 days prior to race day
    • Have you tried carb deprivation and replenishing?
    • How much hydration and how will you hydrate?
  • What is your meal the night before and race morning?
    • Can you do that in your hotel room or is the race local?
  • Before race day comes figure out what sports drink and foods you will be using for your race, it’s always a good idea to stick with the things that are working for you. 
  • What is your warm-up plan, hydration plan and fuel plan pre-race, after breakfast?
  • Write up a nutrition plan for your race and follow it.
  • Work with your coach or a dietitian and determine answers to these questions.
Here is an idea of what a dinner might be before race day…

Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce with mixed greens and olive on the side

Breakfast before race:  oats, whey protein, banana, PB, water

Pre race hydration- sip on sports drink up until race start, some people like taking in some fuel about 10 minutes before starting the swim.

Everyone has an individual approach to race day and sports nutrition.  Find YOUR best approach and go with it. 

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